I’m baaaaack Betches! I’m baaack. #babystep

Best I can tell, there are exactly four types of people in this world.

1. There are people who are not Writers. HOW. NICE. FOR. THEM. I wonder if they even know what procrastination, or pain for that matter, is?

2. There are the Writers Who Are Meticulous, Organized and into Plans. They have a Story Idea and properly thought out Plan before they sit to write.  I hate envy these people. They know what they’re trying to say, the points they intend to make, and who their audience is. I wonder if they are mythical creatures but I hear people who are known for their writing talking about doing exactly these things (above) sooo…. Fine. They exist. But I don’t have to like them and I do question their creative technique Moving on…

3. There are Writers who, like me right now as I type this, Have No Idea What They’re Doing, what they’re going to say and/or what the outcome will be.  They write not to entertain but to get the imaginary elephant that is sitting on their chest GONE for an hour or two. They have BIG FEELINGS that need to get out. I am so firmly in this camp I can hardly stand it. I know exactly two things as I write this: a) the emotions swirling around me are suffocating me and dangerous in their current UN-examined state… and b) I know that words are my friends. I figure if I sit here and hit these keys and surrender and tune in and then surrender and surrender again I might get some clarity, or comfort. At some point. Maybe. And maybe not. Either way, I’m here. Writing. Learning. Sharing. Burning it all down in my own learn-as-I-go-way.

4. Finally, the fourth type of person one can be is a Writer Who Isn’t Currently Writing. THEY. ARE. THE. WORST. They are cranky, miserable, heartbreaking creatures. Until a few hours ago, I was one of them. I’m grateful to have jumped into the 3rd category. If you find yourself in this Writer Who Isn’t Currently Writing category do what you need to do to change that. Get unstuck. Get thee back into a writing state.

Here’s what worked for me, FINALLY: Lowering the bar. Most of us who are Writers know it. We knew it. We love it. We fear it. Our internal expectations grow higher and higher as we wait… and plan (pretending we’re in Category 2 when we know we don’t actually work that way)… and wait and plan… and drink and avoid. And avoid to… AVOID. So.. Lower the bar.  Like publish your first post as a stream of consciousness in a physically hideous blog space and call it a day.

#itworkedforme 😉

I hope you’ll come back tomorrow to find out why I named our sacred little online corner of the world what I’ve named it.

Bye for now, xoxo,


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