WTFWed. The Meltdown Has Begun Edition…

Happy Wednesday friends! Exec Summary:

  1. It’s too hot here in Austin, TX. I. JUST. CAN. NOT.
  2. I’m geeking out for my upcoming meet-n-greet with Tom Herman later today (thanks to Erin & Bucky at 104.9 The Horn FM for this upcoming adventure). Why I’m loving Coach Herman: His recent loss for words had me LOL. (as in spit-the-tea-OUT-LOL)

3. Aaand here’s my Six Pack, as shared on 104.9FM every Wednesday morning from 9am – 10am with some of my favorite guys on the planet. But we’re starting with the BONUS (read: GET YOUR TICKETS BEFORE THEY SELL OUT) pick… xoxo

BONUS Six Pack listing: The Meg. THIS. MOVIE. LOOKS. ALMOST. AS. SCARY. AS. TRUMP. SELLING. US. OUT. TO. RUSSIA. But it’s Fictional (cause Megladons, are extinct now)… #supposedly ANYWHO… the Meg opens August 10th, but ever amazing Alamo Drafthouse will show it on Saturday August 4th, at Volente Beach. So you buy your tickets (STAT), then show up at Billy’s Beachside / Volente Beach, and enjoy the movie (and beers and snacks if you please) from your inner tube on the water. NO beach viewing. Someone… or some thing?… may grab your ankles as you watch. It’s a little TOO exciting for me… but I know people who would like it, hence my sharing. Buy your tickets now, HERE.

The Meg on the water via Alamo Drafthouse
This is not a drill. The Meg, August 5th, on the water at Volente Beach. Man vs. 75 foot prehistoric shark. NBD. Get your tickets ahead of time HERE.

The Six Pack:

  1. Tonight, Wednesday night, Red’s Porch is hosting a Cornhole Tournament that benefits Austin Pet’s Alive AND celebrates National Hot Dog Day. Trifecta! For the Cornhole tournament, each team is $20, or you can register as a free agent. 100% of the team registration funds go to Austin Pet’s Alive. Also, I hereby offer a 100% guarantee that fun will be had and their food will be delicious (I looove Red’s Porch).  Click HERE for more info.
  2. Thursday Night Swim (and happy hour) with CAPYAC at W pool Downtown. If it rains, which it won’t, the party moves indoors. Details HERE.
  3. Friday Night, date night done right for romance or a rad bromance: The Alamo Drafhouse’s Master Pancake theater (where comedians make fun of movies in real time as the movie is playing) will feature Gladiator at 7pm and all over again at 10pm.
  4. Friday and Saturday night offer a Date Night done Right option I hear is EPIC: Sh*t Faced Shakespear performances at the Spider House Café. If you’ve ever enjoyed Drunken History – then you know what this is about. A genuinely drunk professional actor is selected, at random, every show night. No two shows are alike. They will be performing Romeo & Juliet this weekend. What could possibly go wrong?! Tickets are just $16.50 and can be purchased ahead of time HERE.
  5. Saturday you can be the first to try – and celebrate – Austin East Ciders newest in their line up: their  Lemon Ginger cider, with food pairings (lemon and ginger food pairings no less) pop up shops and music by DJ King Ding – all from 4pm to 8pm at Fareground at One Eleven (downtown – on the east side of Congress in between 2nd Street and E. Cesar Chavez St. ). RSVP here.  
  6. Sunday Funday is confirmed: the 1st annual Ribs & Rose Soiree – thanks to  Austin Food Magazine – will feature ribs from  Leroy & Lewis BBQ (SO MY FAVORITE), Stiles Switch BBQ, Uncle Billy’s BBQ and more – paired with Rose of course – and a sick view-  all from the Terrace Deck of the JW Marriott downtown. Guests must be 21+. There are no vegetarian options available (other than the wine). Tickets are $55 and include 3 drink tickets and UNLIMITED ribs (or at least until they run out). Secure your ticket HERE.


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