WTF Wed… on Thursday 5.3.18

Because WTF doesn’t stand for “Where’s the Fun” this week so much as WTF. Let me explain…

Last Thursday, on my way in to Host Austin’s own achy soulful rock group, Cowboy Diplomacy, in their first (spoiler alert: not last) I noticed I felt a bit… OFF. But when you host a LIVESTREAMED show and you’re not actually dead… you go to work. The men who make up Cowboy Diplomacy are so rad that I was DELIGHTFULLY distracted from my physical decline until I got home and about died. Prior to that we had our first ever technical difficulties that meant we had to record the show – and share it later. Wut?! You can catch it HERE and/or catch previous episodes at

Turns out it was just the FLu! So fun (so not fun….) but I digress.

MOST Wednesdays I share my six picks for “WTF Wednesday” on Austin’s 104.9 The Horn. Co-host Erin read these for me this – but I’m back next Wednesday – and next week’s WTF will be posted here first thing Wednesday morning. Hooray! #babysteps


  1. Saturday and Sunday = The 41st Annual Pecan Street Festival, downtown Austin, loaded up with live music, street vendors and the added energy of it being Cinco de Derby. 
  2. Saturday is also – Cinco de Mayo – which is a great excuse (AS IF WE EVER NEED AN “EXCUSE”) to enjoy queso and quac with margs and beers and what nots. Everyone has their favorite place, but Fleming’s Steakhouse is NOT likely on your list. In what feels like a PR stunt, they have announced that both locations will commemorate the Cinco de Mayo weekend by selling $100 margaritas, aka the “Prime Margarita”. WHAT MAKES IT SO PRIME IT IS WORTH ONE HUNDRED DOLLAR DOLLARS you may ask? Yeah, me too. #stuntin but here’s what you get: a top shelf marg AND a you can keep the fancy pants Baccarat high ball glass they serve it in.  Baccarat’s website shows the Diamont Highball glasses sell for $280 a pair, so TECHNICALLY, if you order a pair of these $100 margs at Fleming’s – and take your pair of glasses – you’ve SAVED $80. Or you could drink margs at your favorite watering hole and spend the rest elsewhere. Personal decision. The full article along with some recipes to make your own margs at home are  HERE on
  3. If you’d prefer a more traditional and casual Cinco de Mayo celebration, east side’s Craftsman bar (a personal favorite) is hosting a hot pepper eating contest from 1pm to 4pm. Winner will receive a trophy, a $50 gift card to Craftsman, bragging rights, a tour of a distillery AND, I’m guessing, some FUN memories. For days. The contest will involve you eating an ENTIRE hot pepper – starting with milder ones – then moving on… first person to eat the ENTIRE last/hottest pepper wins. Their website doesn’t say if the final pepper is a ghost pepper on not. (insert lolz here)
  4. The Victory Cup polo match is a thing of beauty – a DECIDEDLY unpretentious (yet totally legit) polo match that also weaves Cinco de Mayo and Kentucky Derby festivities into the all day festivities this Saturday only. I went to this two years ago and LOVED it – the people, the vendors, all of it. (and I wasn’t expecting all of that) THIS Saturday’s event kicks off at 10am, offers up a Rugby match at 11am, a polo match, stomping of the divets, even tethered hot air balloon rides, weather permitting. These people know how to throw a party with their food and alcohol sponsors… and there are TONS of ticket options for those who want an all-out luxurious all day experience, or for those who just want to check out the polo match. Tickets and details at
  5. If you’d prefer to enjoy the Derby (and cheering on Colonel Craig Flowers horse!) festivities from a more central location, the Domain NORTHSIDE Next event is for you. They’re hosting a Kentucky Derby viewing party, for freebs. Again, this is at the Domain NORTHSIDE on their lawn.  It’s family friendly, will have music, lawn games, a fascinator station and LEGIT prizes for best dressed guests (like two x $500 gift cards, an overnight stay at the Archer Hotel and two tickets to a VIP after party at Second Bar + Kitchen). YES PLEASE.
  6. Finally, this Date Night suggestion has SOLD OUT already – AGAIN – so I’m putting it here so you can get it  – a murder mystery comedy dinner theater adventure soon. CURRENTLY they have availability for Saturday May 12th and May 26th. Reserve your seats now – as they sell out fast. Each dinner / murder mystery comedy theater show is from 6pm to 9pm, requires tickets be purchased in advance, AND will accommodate dietary restriction. So Austin of them!






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