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Anyone who has spent any amount of IRL time with me over the last few months knows that I’m newly OBSESSED with getting ample rest. As in sleep. As in a full 7.5+ hours of sleep a night. Here’s why: IT MAKES ME FEEL AMAZING. My head is clear. My waist is shrinking (I’m down 13 pounds as I type this) and did I mention it makes me feel AMAZING? I’m so grateful that the day job at @austin360 put me in touch with #SleepExpertsATX to write the educational sponsored video series: Sleep School ( I spent the first few weeks pouring through the virtual PILES of research suggesting that 7+ hours of sleep a night allow your body’s hormones to get in line. Specifically, the ones that regulate your mood, physical agility, brain function (hello problem solving skilz) AND – my current favorite – the body’s ability to get to and maintain a healthy weight. Yep – learning how sleep deprivation raises the body’s hunger stimulating hormone (gherlin) while lowering the body’s appetite-suppressing hormone (leptin) was a game changer. HOW many times did I skimp on sleep while telling myself, “NBD, I’m burning extra calories”? i.e. HOW many times was I pushing myself and shooting myself in the proverbial foot when I could have been sleeeeping my way to this leaner body?!

Thus, I was officially inspired to prioritize getting AT LEAST 7 hours of SLEEP a night.

As a rule, I now feel AMAZING. And am openly EVANGELICAL about it. AND THIS IS WHERE YOU COME IN. I’ve issued a sleep challenge to some of my favorite Austin ladies, @JenaMays, @sushigirl_ATX and @ReadySetJetSet – and we want YOU to join us. For the next two weeks, a mere 14 days, we’re going to get in bed for a solid 8 hours and see if/how that up-levels our lives.

Full disclosure: I’m going to try for 8.5 hours in bed to see if there’s a Next Level to this rested life of joy I’m enjoying. Here are my top 3 suggestions for getting to bed earlier than usual:

  1. Make thy bed an inviting scene. I bought a new mattress two years ago. New duvet a few months ago. I LOVE climbing into my bed. I suggest that you make it a proper haven for your body to rest and relax in.
  2. Cut out the caffeine in the afternoon (duh) and evening. Likewise, cut out the alcohol. Studies show alcohol disrupts sleep. Sure, it may get you there, but then you wake up in the middle of the night all cranky. Meh.
  3. Bedtime rituals are under-rated. Burn a soft scented candle that you love. Run a hot bath with lavender scented Epsom salts (they sell these for cheap at H-E-B, Target, errrrywhere). Then do some reading – NO MORE SCREENS YO – or journaling before climbing into that bed haven of yours.

Voila! Being too busy to sleep is so 2017. Are you in? Are you excited? Talk to me in the comments below – and be sure to tag your posts with #SleepExpertsATX so we can all see and cheer you on.

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